Ladies & Gents… I Present to You… “Fritz”!

I just got a call from a good friend and neighbour who was ringing—among other things—to inquire on my health and see how I was doing (such a sweet lady!). She was also wanting to know how Fritz was faring. And… since you ask, Fritz is very well, and he’s very happy to have his mom around and is being quite affectionate and sweet actually.

Fritz had boarded over at their place while I was away in Oz for three weeks. It was a very grand love affair, and seems they all got along like a house on fire. Her boyfriend, unlike most males of the human species, actually likes cats… a lot, apparently. I was very relieved about that since I happen to have come across quite a few people (and men especially) who don’t like cats a whole lot, and I’ve all too often seen Fritz return the favour by behaving like an absolute tasmanian devil, and terrify gents and ladies alike with the rudest and most vile temperamental displays. But he is a cat after all.

Did you know one can in fact teach and old cat new tricks? Well… Fritz is only three years old, so he’s not actually old yet but he IS smart as all heck (as would befit a son of mine). He’s not terribly docile either, because he is, as aforementioned a feline for heaven’s sake, so there’s only so much one can expect, right?

He doesn’t actually answer to Fritz in real life. He seems to answer to “puppy” mostly, if at all. But in *real life* he has a good jewish name. I was attempting to make amends with my jewish forefathers (and foremothers too) when I named him since… well am not much of a good jewish girl, since among other things, am not technically jewish for that matter. And people always ask me if I named him after a well known author, but no, that wouldn’t be fitting at all since, not only was the author in question not actually jewish either, but he made quite a name for himself as an anti-semite. So. Let’s just agree that my cat’s name is a good jewish one, and he was in fact named after a famous scribe who also had a book in the bible named after him, and no, he was not actually named after a non-jew who had a jewish first name but who was also an anti-semite, and leave it at that. Yes? yes.

So where was I? Ah yes…

So. I taught Fritz to “sit” and also how to “jump!” onto a bench and now I’m also teaching him to “lie down”. Did I mention I have a fair bit of time on my hands these days? Which is why, among other things: this blog. We’ll be joining the circus Fritz and I in the near future if this keeps up.

(click me!)

So ladies and gents… drumrolls please… I present to you… FRITZ!… Jump Fritz, JUMP! Ah! That’s my boy! Good boy Fritz, good boy! How’s that treat eh boy? …. “Fishy”, he says. (I really do need to get myself a dog, don’t I? Not to mention… well never mind.)

Comments? Training tips for felines? Disparaging comments about “old maids and their cats”? Don’t be shy to post it all right here folks! (click on pix to see a larger version).

Photos by: Smiler
Shot on location in Montreal, QC, Canada.
Vintage posters:


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