The ‘Fours’ Meme

My friend Tiv aka The individual voice tagged me for a meme, and I figured, I’ve got 2,000 words to type up today for NaNoWriMo, AND I absolutely need to put up a post for NaBloPoMo so… hurray! An insta-blog topic I can get up and running in no time! So here goes:

4 jobs I’ve had:
barista at A.L. VanHoute
secretary for the national research council
hair salon receptionist
art director at an ad agency

4 movies I love to watch over and over:
The Matrix,
Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon
Life of Brian
Breakfast at Tiffany’s

4 places I have lived:
Montreal, QC
Kibbutz Eilon, Israel
Tel Aviv, Israel
Menlo Park, CA

4 TV shows I enjoy watching:
Little Britain
Law & Order (any of them)
Mad TV

4 places I have been:
Czech Republic

4 websites I visit daily:
(there are so much more than 4!)
Lee’s River
The Individual Voice
A photo a day from planet earth
Shelly Lowenkopf’s Blog

4 favorite foods:

4 places I would rather be:
right here, right now.

4 blogs I’m tagging:
Lee’s River
The Daily Bitch
The Fanciful Muse
Bubblegum Diaries


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