Seven random things about me


  1. I once rode on a camel on a beach as a kid (ok, it was just a tourist trap, but still).
  2. I used to like cutting up worms in as many pieces as possible when I was 3 or 4 (they really do stay alive. Freaky.)
  3. I remember my first kiss. Also at age 3. He was a cutie, but I can’t remember his name. Blond and blue-eyed wouldn’t you know.
  4. When I’m in an urban setting (the norm for me) and really stressed, I think of that huge sea turtle I saw swimming past me once on a diving trip. Who knew turtles were so graceful?
  5. On the wall in my living room, I have three identical square frames. The middle one is a gorgeous mandala, incredibly intricate, in tones of red with the word “energy” framing it. To the right is a b/w photograph of a black man seen from the back (a beautiful back at that). He is crouching in what must be a dance stance and his arms are extended on both sides. He’s wearing a long rafia ‘skirt’. To the left, is a ballerina, also in b/w. She’s caught mid-flight. Literally. She looks like a bird, or a butterfly. Back and arms fully extended, shaping a wonderful arc, and then legs forever frozen mid-jump in a perfect split. She’s in white tulle against a black background. Both photos seem to date from the 30’s-50’s. I never tire of looking at that composition.
  6. I have been known to eat breakfast cereal morning, noon and night. With berries. Yum!
  7. I have over 30 bottles of perfume and cologne but I only actually use one or two, maybe three. I just don’t know what to do with all the other ones. What if I want to wear one for a special occasion?

Seven people I haven’t tagged yet…

  1. Geggie
  2. David
  3. Are You There, Blog? It’s Me, Margaret.
  4. pamplemousse
  5. Shephard
  6. John Eaton
  7. Tiv (just had to name you again. Plus, I’m curious…)

Photos: Flickr


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