Thirteen Things About Smiler [#6]

Or 13 places I dream of traveling to

Last week I listed some of the places I’ve had the good fortune to visit. This week, in the spirit of new beginnings, with a brand new year close on the horizon, I thought I’d list (in no particular order) some of the places I’ve always wanted to go to, and some I wish to revisit as well.

1. India. It’s surprising that I haven’t been to India yet, considering that so many aspects of Indian living were part of my own daily life, what with my hippie upbringing. There was homemade vegetarian Indian food which was pretty well the staple. Plenty of Yoga with my dad’s twice daily practice and ashram visits. Indian philosophers (I nearly went to one of his schools!) and of course the constant waft of incense and Hindu deities on posters, in books, small statuettes… and of course the Indian musical influence, starting with Ravi Shankar himself and Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band which was often featured on the playlist, and is The Beatles’ album that is “often cited as their magnum opus.” My parent’s friends were all seemingly coming back or on the way to India so it was a hot topic of conversation. I feel like I’ve already been there. Would be nice to see it with my own eyes.

2. Israel. I lived there for four years of my childhood and haven’t been back in twenty five years. My father lives there with his little sprite of a dog called Lulu, a miniature Pinscher that I can’t wait to meet. I haven’t seen my father for a good four years (hi Zev!), so we are much overdue. I also long to see the country of my childhood again, although I’m sure I’ll barely recognize it. 25 years is a very long time for such a young country, and a whole lot has changed during my absence…

3. France. To visit my mum and her husband in Graulhet and then of course the obligatory stay in Paris for a few days. Paris is one of my favourite cities in the world, and I came very near to moving there another lifetime ago, a dozen years ago or so now. (Sigh). At least I have some of my favorite singers to listen to in the meantime. Their oh-so-French voices always bring me back to that magical city.

4. Australia. My latest love affair. Australia and I got along swimmingly well. I absolutely felt like I fit right in, which doesn’t happen all that often. And everything from the people and accent and culture to the wonderfully varied topography, that melding of British influence with Eastern philosophy resulting in mindblowing creativity is truly fascinating. I will be back there soon enough. Oh yeah.

5. Africa. I don’t know how, I don’t know when, but I feel I need to go there, and more than once. I have a friend who works for a humanitarian organization in the Ivory Coast. She’s repeatedly invited me to spend some time to chill out there, and that sounds like a gentle introduction to the continent — since she’s already familiar with the place and the culture and can show me around. And then there’s South Africa and Kenya and Morocco, and Egypt and so many other wonderful places to see as well.

6. Thailand. I don’t think I need to explain; the culture, the people, the beaches, the food. Just sounds perfect. I must go there someday.

7. Italy. It’s hard for me to believe that I haven’t set foot there yet. Florence, Rome, the Tuscan sun, Venice, Bologna, Parma… I have a right mind to go do a gourmet exploration of Italy, much in the same way Elizabeth Gilbert of Eat, Pray, Love fame did.

8. South America. A whole other continent I have yet to discover. Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Peru… I feel like I should break into a song just saying those names.

9. Tokyo. I worked with one of the best lifestyle photographer in the world when I was in Australia who said to me that I MUST go there to get a infusion of mind blowing creativity, Tokyo-style. He didn’t use those exact words, but he’s a travel & trends expert and I would do well to follow his counsel sooner than later I should hope. Don’t know how or when, but the Big Guy knows it’s on the wish list already.

10. Paris. Again. Just because.

11. I’m not even mentioning New York, because it’s practically next door and it’s a given for me since I always end up going at least a couple of times a year. But I’ve never been to Arizona and New Mexico and the idea of that as a road trip has always appealed to me.

12. Russia. I have roots there, since that’s where my father was born, but I also feel a strong connection to the slavic spirit emotionally and intellectually. My mother has always been fascinated with all things Russian and it’s been a big part of our lives, be it through books or music or politics (in my mom’s case — I never took to that myself, being more into boys and altogether lighter fare).

13. I could find many many more places to fill this list with, but I choose to leave this option open to possibility. Sometimes the best trips are the ones that we weren’t planning for at all. A doorway opens, and we’re off for another wonderful discovery…

Photo: An image from India by Claude Renault.

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