Glimpses of Oz

It’s two days after my little brother Manou’s wedding to Sophie G, and once again I wake up in my own guest-room at the G’s place in Braidwood. That chandelier seems like a sign it’s going to be a great day.

I took dozens of shots from the front of the house at different times of day. This one’s taken from a screen door in the master bedroom.

Sophie’s dad aka Tinsey offers to take Manou’s best man (who has also flown in from Montreal) and I to visit Monga national park which is nearby. I’m all set to go with a lovely pair of rubber boots that almost match my top. As someone is taking the picture I’m thinking “no way I’m showing this one to anybody, I look ridiculous”. Bah!

Mum in law and daughter Alice have seen the park many times, they won’t be coming along, but I get a chance to make fun of Alice for looking so sleepy just before we go.

As we’re making our way there I never stop taking pictures, especially when we’re driving around with views like these!

We reach the main road through the park. Of course there are Eucalyptus trees everywhere.

I wish I could add the soundtrack. I just love the sound of the water as it’s rushing by.

Since we’re in woodland, there’s all kinds of interesting moss and growth everywhere.


Doesn’t this one look like a painting?


One more look at the river before we’re off to see other things.

More to come…

Pics by Smiler
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