These people
they were not your friends
they didn’t care
what you would
feel like
twenty, thirty
years down the line

These people
they were evil.
As bad as they come
They fed you lies
And you needed
To believe them
Because otherwise
You’d have admitted
that you can’t always
give your trust.

For some reason
you preferred
holding on to an illusion
even if it cost you
your innocence

Some of them
they weren’t so bad
mostly ignorant
or selfish or maybe
they too needed love
Who knows

It chokes me up
I try to forget
So much easier to do that
Otherwise I have to admit
That evil does exist
And I lingered by
to see if it might catch

I choose to look
at all the goodness
so much goodness
in the world
If you choose to see it
But then,
Them and their sort
They come and cast
a deep shadow
They won’t be forgotten

In my mind,
I’ve killed them off
A million times
One by one
With unspeakable violence
But they cling to me
As though I were
Their last chance
For redemption

I will not forgive them
I am not a killer
But I’d be willing to make
An exception for them
Just this one last time.


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