The Geek Squad


Now that I have a scanner again with my new HP 3-in-1, I can scan my entire collection of prints to save them from certain disintegration. That means you, dear reader, will have the great joy of being subjected to countless childhood and baby pics, all so my parents can see them again, isn’t that great? I’ll try to do so with restraint, I promise.

Here we have a year-end photo of the band I belonged to at F.A.C.E. in 78-79. F.A.C.E. (Fine Arts Core Education) was an alternative school where artistic expression was the main concern. Every student was required to pick up a musical instrument so I chose the flute which I loved, though I spent so little time practicing that every time we had a concert, I had to pretend I was playing to avoid making any sound and throwing off the whole band. At the end of the year, on the day the photo was taken, apparently every single member of the band was aware that we were supposed to bring our instruments for the photo. Everyone except myself and my little posse which included three other girls. I was probably distracted (as usual) when it had been mentioned. I’m the one sitting and grinning stupidly on the far left, in hope that my smile will somehow mask the lack of an instrument, while two of my girlfriends are sitting empty handed on the far right. Other than that little mishap, I can say I had the best school year ever while I was at FACE. It was good to be among a whole bunch of other geeks and misfits and creative types — for once in my life I actually fit in.

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