Thirteen Things I’d Like to Do [#12]

“Someday I’d like to…” everybody has their own take on how they’d like to finish that sentence. Today I’ll list 13 things I’d like to do. Mostly simple activities and hobbies that don’t necessarily require a whole lot of money and are attainable if you invest enough time and effort.

Someday I’d like to…

  1. Actually take the time to read all my art and design books cover to cover.
  2. Get a bunch of large canvasses to paint and/or collage on.
  3. Learn to use that sewing machine and make some of my own clothes.
  4. Have my own land/farm house where I would give shelter to unwanted or abandoned animals.
  5. Read all those wonderful philosophy and spirituality books I’ve been accumulating over the years.
  6. Write a novel or two. Or three.
  7. Get back into my daily yoga routine.
  8. Bake an apple or strawberry and rhubarb pie to share with friends and/or family.
  9. Get back into (English saddle) horseback riding.
  10. Publish some of my haiku.
  11. Swim with the dolphins.
  12. Become a really good photographer.
  13. Dare to dream big again.

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