Thirteen Things on My Desk [#13]

My Desk
My desk is a little bit like a shoreline. Depending on what the waves bring in, sometimes it’s neat and almost uncluttered, sometimes it’s filled with piles of stuff, and sometimes it’s just generally messy, as it is today. Of course there are many more than 13 things on this desk, but here is a selection:

  1. A jar of Cucina Repairing-Action Hand Butter. Made with olive oil and olive butter. Zucchini flower and truffle fragrance. As good as it sounds, especially if you have extra-dry skin like me.
  2. 3 notepads; one tiny lined pad which I use to make grocery lists and lists in general, another nicer Clairefontaine notebook, medium size which I use for random note taking and flashes of mad genius (it’s filled with stuff that I can hardly make sense of), my new Moleskine sketch book which I’ve just started using to to get back into drawing again.
  3. A collection of hand blown glass paperweights (see pic) my mother gave me. As a collection, they look like beautiful things you might find at the bottom of the ocean. One of them brings to mind an image of the earth seen from space.
  4. A box of 12 Mirado 100% Premium Cedar Pencils, No. 2 HB. “The word’s Smoothest Writing Pencil -Guaranteed!” as says on the box. For all the drawing I’ll be doing.
  5. My large hot pink leather Roots wallet, overstuffed with receipts as usual.
  6. A tiny soft plastic baby/angel toy. I have no idea how I got him but I keep him around because he’s cute (the story of my life).
  7. A small tin of Durance lip balm my mum gave me when I was visiting them in France during Christmas 2003. Still half full because I have a whole collection of lip balms to keep my pouty pout.
  8. Three matching candlesticks of varying heights. Gilt gold and Baroque in style. They make any candle look quite sublime.
  9. My camera, trusty new friend, plugged in to the computer at the moment.
  10. An empty plastic box of Dynex USB 2.0 device cable for my new printer/scanner. I kept it in case something needed to be returned but I think I can toss is now.
  11. A piece of paper towel. I mostly eat in front of the computer and I hate to toss it when it’s clean, also too lazy to bring it into the kitchen since there’ll be a drink or food to be had soon enough.
  12. An empty bottle of Sandomigran, a migraine prevention medication, which is there to remind me I’m supposed to call my doctor so she can call in my prescription at the pharmacy. Right. I’ll do that right now before I forget again.
  13. A book called Wreck this Journal by Keri Smith. It’s essentially a journal, but it’s meant to be used as a tool for recovering creativity, so there are all sorts of fun and silly prompts throughout such as: “Tongue Painting: 1. Eat some colorful candy. 2. Lick this page.” or “Tie a string to the journal. Go for a walk, drag it.” and “Bring this book in the shower with you”. Which reminds me, I should get out there to get some candy sometime. And yeah, next time I go for a walk, I might just put my journal on a leash, why not? That would complete the picture since I’m convinced all my neighbours already think I’m crazy. If only I could find a way to document it and blog about it after… that could me my new gig. Goofy, but not as cool as Davey Dance Blog.

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Pic by Smiler

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