Stating the Obvious

Well, I tried. And then I tried again. And again. And one more time just in case. The results are too horrible to post. But I will, just so you know what the hell I’m talking about and so you can make fun of my inexistent drawing skills. When I think the first sketch was the best of the lot, after all this. It’s all fine to start all over again and have a beginner’s mind? But then, once we’ve gotten going, can we see some results please? Apparently I’m not quite ready yet. This whole drawing thing would be much easier if I could just keep pressing “undo” and start over when I do a goof. I forgot that wasn’t an option in the manual version.

Lotus sketch #3a

Lotus sketch #3b

Lotus sketch #4

What you’re looking at are two sketches. On the first one, I used my aquarelle pencils and had the good sense to scan it before I started overworking and ultimately destroying it (and that would be lotus sketch #3b). In my defense, I had forgotten how tricky watercolors could be to work with. The last one is… I’m not sure what it is. I ruined the flower by making it much too dark and the drawing was too stiff to begin with. I hated it so much, the only way I could convince myself not to tear up the page was to amuse myself by creating the most horrible composition I could come up with. Then I thought a bit of graffiti would state what really doesn’t actually need to be said. Ugh. I think we’ll drop the lotus flowers for now.


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