Thirteen Things I Want to Blog About [#14]


Once in a while, I may feel I have nothing to say here, but it’s a rare occurrence and tends to be based on my mood rather than what the contents of my draft file are. Usually (like today for example) my problem is that I don’t know which topic to start with because I have too many ideas. Here are 13 blog topics you can look forward to seeing on my blog… eventually:

1. On Propaganda. It’s a big topic and has had massive repercussions in recent history. While I’ve already done a bunch of research and typed out a good 1,000 words so far, it’s all a bit daunting because there are so many aspects and manifestations of propaganda a person could talk about. While I have many things to say about this subject, I haven’t found my angle yet. I might end up breaking it down and writing it in several installments.

2. Fear of Joy. I just added that to my drafts this week and it’s something I want to blog about asap, only look at that! The week’s almost over already.

3. On Self-image. Something I’ve had on my list for many months now. It’s something I feel I need to talk about and might be meaningful to others as well, but it’s touching on issues that I’m still grappling with every day. Since it’s a painful topic for me, I think I need to feel strong to wrestle with it and come out of the experience strengthened.

4. On Self-Criticism. This is a post I meant to do today but life intervened and I had other things to do. It’s coming up soon. I definitely have things to say about that topic. Straight from the trenches to you.

5. The ones the can still be saved. When I wrote about the Yangtze River Dolphins, I had originally meant to do a piece on various lesser known and rare species who are currently listed as endangered. But I’m still prone to tears whenever I think of those poor extinguished dolphins, and I have a hard time feeling enthusiastic about the odds of other endangered animals right now. But I’ll just pick myself up by the bootstraps because there are plenty of animals that we can still help, and help them we must. Blogging about them is a start.

6. Alice in Wonderland – Contemporary illustrations. Following the wonderful post I did featuring various artists who had illustrated this story that so many of us know and love, I had set out to find how it’s been interpreted in the more recent past. I look forward to getting to this one — the research alone will be fun, just have to make time for it.

7. Margaret Bourke-White. Also something I look forward to working on. I’d like to do my personal take on this great dame of photojournalism, who inspired me so much as a young girl.

8. Missed Connection of the Week. I posted this a couple of times and then was overwhelmed by how much research — and sheer dumb luck it requires. While I had very positive feedback on this feature, looking at hundreds and thousand of ‘missed connections’ postings to find one that was worthy of sharing with just the right amount of humour/intelligence/sentimentality/romantic appeal proved to be rather depressing since most of what I found was boring/pathetic/totally uninspired. Ideally, other people would contribute by sending me their finds. I’ve decided I’ll just post something if and when I find a gem.

9. When bad things happen to good people. I had a specific incident I wanted to write about, but I’m not sure if I want to share it after all. In any case, it’s an interesting topic that I think all of us could relate to and I’m sure I’ll find some kind of angle for it.

10. “Think about your sandwich”. A post I had taken down to prevent potential trouble in my ‘real’ life. I’ve been meaning to rewrite it as a piece of fiction. Now that the jealous ex isn’t checking up on me anymore (or not that I know of), maybe I’ll be able to get around to it.

11. March 19 Iraq Blogswarm. Lee has vowed to blog about the Blogswarm every day up until March 19th to encourage others to participate. I’m not quite as ambitious about it as she is, but I’ll probably post my own announcement here too (I think I just did actually!)

12. A short fiction piece. It’s been quite a while and surely I could cook something up if I set my mind to it.

13. Some photos I took today. That one is pretty self-explanatory and I’ll start working on that post as soon as I’m done with this one!

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