A Walk Around the Park (2 of 3)

Buildings at Dusk_0876.jpg

Dome Roof_0853.jpg


Green Shed_0865.jpg

Trees at Dusk_0867.jpg

Shadow Play
The sun makes it’s descent,
Light fades quickly now —
Shadows stretch to infinity.
Like performance art,
They show up unexpectedly,
Unprepared for the part,
They are beauty in constant flux
They give it all they’ve got
When the day gives way to dusk,
They’ll only exist in thought.

Dancing Trees
Fingertips frozen under my mits
Eyes blurry, hurting from the cold
Difficult to snap a few more pics
For that I need a better fingerhold.
I work slowly, just for one last spree
It’s just as well — the result is real;
As real as what my eyes can see —
I’m not trying to capture an ideal.
Turning back towards the park
A group of treetops seems to play,
Dancing against blue skies in an arc.
And even as light quickly fades away
They keep reaching, always reaching,
Night after night, day after day.

More to follow…
(click here to view part 1)

All pics by Smiler


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