A Walk Around the Park (3 of 3)

Park at Dusk_0869.jpg





Ariadne's Wool_0900.jpg

Ariadne's Wool Twists_0891.jpg

Ariadne's Display_0903.jpg

Who knows how long I spent taking pictures in that little park finally, but I do remember two things quite precisely: that sense of urgency I had to grab whatever images I could while there was still some light left, and at the same time suddenly realizing that my fingertips, although they were swathed in cashmere gloves, felt dangerously frozen, to the point of numbness. Still, I captured one last image of the park before turning away, then started on a different route to make my way home. I was hoping I could avoid the wind tunnel this time, and also thinking I might get a shot or two of some of the peculiar shops the area, selling “antiques” that seemed recent and novelties that had passed their prime.

There was hardly anyone outside at all. There had been a friendly bearded guy and his dog earlier, with whom I had chatted in the park, and I thought I noticed a man and his paunch taking things in and out of an SUV now as I was leaving, but otherwise I didn’t see anyone else brave the cold. The little stretch of street I was walking on was completely hidden from the sun and I was about to put my camera away when, feeling observed, I looked up and saw a cat, comfortably laying by the window. Looking farther down the street, I could see the sun still shining beautifully on some buildings and kept the camera on hand, even though my fingers were screaming for a bit of warmth.

At the street corner, I caught the shadow of a street lamp on a building illuminated by the sun. Just as I was about to rush on home, I turned to see what was behind me and noticed a new knitting store, called Ariadne, had recently opened there. I thought that made for the perfect place to warm up a little as I looked at some wool, and ended up staying for the better part of an hour, chatting up with the two friendly owners — both of them refugees from high pressure jobs who had sought something a bit more mellow to recover their sanity. They had a wood-stove and couches set up in a nook, which made for a bright and cozy spot for locals to come in for a bit of knitting and chatting. That, along with the wonderful selections of wools they had got me wanting to reach for my own knitting needles, though goodness knows how I could manage yet another hobby at this point. No need to worry about that for the moment, all that matters is that I managed to capture a few photos of the colorful goodies they have on offer. Though upon reflexion, I am considering knitting mitts and a hat, which should be entirely manageable.

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All pics by Smiler


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