Because you’ve all been dying to know I’m sure…

Fritz on my Aaron chair.jpg
…Fritz is doing fine.

I just realized that it’s been a little bit over a week since I took him to the vet, and I hadn’t given further news about him. Well I tried giving him his medication for a couple of days after the visit to the vet and I quickly realized that if I kept that up, Fritz was likely to walk out on me for good or report abuse or something. I was supposed to administer his medication to him three times a day for a week, but the whole thing was such and ordeal, and I had to use so much force to restrain him just so I could stick that syringe thing in the exact spot where it would make him open his mouth and swallow… I ended up with most of the product on me and the rest he mostly spit out, so I decided if he had enough energy to fight off his treatment like that, then he was good to go. Thanks to all of you who sent me encouraging words or expressed concern. That was much appreciated. I’m sure Fritz would express his thanks too, if he weren’t a cat.

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