Illustration Friday: Leap


“Dessine-moi un mouton” is of course taken from “Le petit prince” and that sentence came to mind because I mentioned the book yesterday, but also, as it happens, I was already sketching out sheep and I thought “instead of getting upset about doing such a simple child-like drawing, I should celebrate it’s simplicity.”

This image is a good representation of my state of mind as I’m posting my first entry to Illustration Friday. There’s part of me that has gone into this challenge with no enthusiasm whatsoever because I feel I need to work a lot more on my drawings skills before submitting work that I think reflects my potential. And then there’s that other, playful, ever optimistic part that says “go on, just play along, you’ll see, it’ll be fun, isn’t this fun?” And my grumpy self says “No, STFU, this is torture, we look stupid, I don’t like this, get me out of here.”

One could take this one step further and say this littel doodle is indicative of my overall mental state at this juncture. There are many leaps that need to be made before I can get to that place where I need to get to, I’m not so confident that I can do it without making and utter fool of myself since I no idea what I’m supposed to be doing, but hey, it’s all about trying.

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Illustration by Smiler
Note: The scan does not do justice to the original.


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