I Caught the Bug

Lioness at Taronga Zoo

For some reason I don’t quite understand, I’ve decided today that it is imperative that I buy a new lens for my camera. Why today, why imperative, why a lens even, I’ve no idea. All I know is I’ve spent the past 2-3 hours studying the various types of lenses, then comparing products one by one. Since I have a Canon Rebel XTi, I’ve limited myself to Canon lenses at least.

The lens I now have on my camera is just okay, and it would be good to have a better quality lens because, as my ex-boyfriend D used to say “I’m not rich enough to buy cheap things” (but then again, who am I kidding — D was well off, and I’m not). I’m always swearing and pestering when I’m taking shots because I’d like to get closer to stuff that’s impossible to get close to, like lions and tigers at the zoo, or tiny details on buildings, up on the tenth floor, for instance. Speaking of animals at the zoo, that just reminded me where all this lens obsession started today — when I saw a gorgeous close-up shot of an elephant at the zoo. Of course! But then, I’d like to have both a good zoom lens (or is it telephoto-zoom I need?) and a macro lens for all the pretty little flowers and endlessly fascinating bugs and buttons and intricate little things and whatnot. Of course I can’t afford to get both lenses at once because do you know how much lenses cost? Well I do and the answer is: not cheap.

And then, stepping back from all this, it’s not like I’m doing that much photography these days and I need to save up my money so I can visit my parents. Although when I visit my parents I’ll want to be taking tons of photos — are you kidding? — France and Israel?? That’s like hitting the jackpot as far as photo ops. So what’s with the lens obsession? I don’t know, there are a few valid reasons as you see, but I might have caught a virus maybe. It only affects people who own reflex cameras for some reason. I think it’s called amaturophotolensilitis

Caption: I didn’t need a zoom lens that day. She really was that close to me.To get the full story and see more pics, see “A Visit to Taronga Zoo” coming up very soon!

Pic: Smiler
Location: Taronga Zoo,
Sydney, Australia


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