The Garden Redux (Sketch)

Click image to view a larger version.

As I had mentioned in the original The Garden post, although I liked my drawing of the bored girl, I wanted to do a current interpretation of the theme to submit to Illustration Friday, mostly because I felt like drawing flowers again. This is a preliminary sketch — which I can finally say is Moleskine-worthy (what a relief!). I may or may not color in this version, we’ll see. Tomorrow I’ll transfer the drawing onto a wet-media paper and perhaps do two color versions — 1 with watercolor and the other with soft pastels if I have the patience and I’m up to it. I haven’t used art materials in so long that I forgot what it feels like to manipulate them, so I figure this is a great topic to be experimenting with various colors and textures.

The spine forced me to do awkward things with the composition on this sketch, so the real version won’t be quite so cramped at the bottom, although I kind of like the overall effect of it when it’s busy like that. We’ll see what happens. It’s my favorite drawing so far since I’ve taken up my pen and pencil again (is it just two weeks ago?). Apparently I just had to stop trying to draw realistic lotuses and just do imaginary flowers for the whole thing to feel more alive. My favorite part of this drawing? The gecko. My bet is he’ll have eaten the ants by the time the next version comes along.

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