Is It Spring Yet?

All the following photos were taken in alleyways around my place yesterday, March 10th.

This is just behind my apartment. I wanted to walk through this section, but when I set food there, I sank down to my hip and had a hard time getting out again, ahead of me, the snow had accumulated higher still.

Do you see what I see? Ski tracks? We keep joking about living in the north pole, but generally speaking there isn’t enough snow to actually ski through the city. Yikes!

Quaint little scene. That’s a full size door normally, and you can see the garage door next to it, with snow three quarters of the way up. Notice the ski tracks again.

I thought this was a snowbank, but there’s a car in there — the black spot is a rear-view mirror.



It looks as if that fence was designed for gnomes…


The fresh snow does make everything look so much prettier.

I don’t know why but this one just makes me laugh.



All pics by Smiler

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