My Latest Crush

I just can’t help myself. Sometimes they’re just too irresistible. I doubt it would work out with this guy though, because he’s kind of high maintenance. I mean all he wants to eat are bugs and nectar. Not my idea of a great meal. And then, Fritz would go bonkers trying to catch him all the time which would be a major nuisance. Not to mention that if he somehow got outside in the winter, he’d never survive, poor thing (I took some photos of our latest winter scenes today, will post tomorrow to prove my point).

Still, he’s so colorful and so exotic — my little friend from Madagascar… isn’t he a charmer? I never thought I’d have a crush on a reptile, but it was bound to happen… I guess I’ll just have to keep staring at him right here on my blog since I can’t have him… but I do need to find a better name for him than Gold dust day gecko or Phelsuma laticauda laticauda. Suggestions welcome. (click on pics to view larger).


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