Thirteen Foods I Love [#16]


There are certain foods I crave almost every day, and then others which I have as special treats…

  1. Small pink grapefruits. Can’t get enough of these lately – sometimes up to 3 per day.
  2. Blueberries (and other berries). Fresh or frozen, I always keep some around to toss into cereal, yogourt or on a salad.
  3. Other fruit. Berries and grapefruit deserve their own categories, but then there are so many other kinds of fruits that are a big part of my diet. I can’t name them all but there are basics like apple, grapes, banana and oranges to pineapple, mango and papaya, pomegranates, every type of melon and much more. Did I mention I love fruit?
  4. Milk. I know many people are intolerant to milk, but I certainly am not. I have it in my tea, in my cereal, or as a drink to accompany toast with peanut butter and banana.
  5. Yogourt. One of the major staples of my diet. Usually served with berries and granola or as a Lassi, an indian yogourt drink often served with caraway seeds.
  6. Cheddar cheese. To make one of my favourites: grilled cheese sandwiches (on 12 grain bread), or have as a snack with crackers or served with tea, on top of toast and jam.
  7. Arugula. I use it in different ways but most often make huge salads of baby arugula topped with a good olive oil, balsamic vinegar, toasted pine nuts and Parmesan shavings.
  8. Vegetables. I normally keep the fridge well stocked with greens like broccoli, swiss chard, rapini, celery, carrot, tomatoes* and cucumber etc.
  9. Soup. I love all kinds of soup. An Indian lentil soup called Dal, chicken soup (with or without matzo balls), vegetable soup, miso soup. I just love soup.
  10. Sushi and Seafood. I don’t eat sushi quite so often lately, but I used to joke is was a separate food group for me, since I have been known to have it up to 4-5 times/week. Other than sushi I like salmon (fresh and smoked), and many white fish, scallops, crab, oysters and more (this is making me hungry).
  11. Red meat. Very seldom, on average once a month and less than that lately. But I do love a good quality steak and have to admit that lamb is my favorite of all. This doesn’t really jive with my love of animals, and I have been a vegetarian, but that’s a whole other topic.
  12. Ice creams, sweets and desserts. I have a sweet tooth. I don’t usually keep sweets around the house because I just can’t resist. But on occasion when I go to a restaurant, I like to finish off the meal with a dessert.
  13. Dark chocolate. I usually get a big craving for it about once a month and I wouldn’t dream of resisting.

I’m fairly sure that a nutritionist looking at this list would say I feed myself very well, and in theory I do, but I can’t honestly say that’s been representative of my diet lately. I tend to mostly stick to categories 1-7 these days, but then having room for improvement is always a good thing, I say.

* Of course, tomatoes are technically a fruit.

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