Feelin’ Heavy

I had a post up today which contained the Merriam-Webster definition of the word Heavy, which I’ve taken down again. It wasn’t interesting to read for anyone but me. That word’s been on my mind because on the one hand it’s the new prompt for Illustration Friday, and on the other because it sums up exactly how I’ve been feeling this past week. I’ve really been pushing myself to keep posting no matter what, but I’m getting tired of hiding behind one image or photo after another. I don’t want to hide behind other people’s work. I don’t feel like making up my own stories or poems either. I don’t want to take out one of my drafts and give it a quick polish just for the sake of posting something I find meaningful in some way. I don’t feel like I have anything meaningful to say. I’m even having a hard time leaving comments behind, so basically I don’t have much to say at all. But I don’t want to be ceaselessly complaining about my state of mind either. I just need a break. Don’t know what that means since all I’ve been doing is taking things at my own pace for many months now, but apparently my own pace right now means sleeping a whole lot and staying quiet for a bit. I’ll give signs of life – I’ve got plenty of good quotes to share — but I just need to ride this one out. Away from the computer screen.


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