A Visit to Taronga Zoo (Part 2)

Last time, in part 1, I showed you some views of Sydney from the ferry ride you take to get to Taronga zoo. After that, you get to the zoo proper via a cable-car ride up the hill. I got there late in the day and only had a short time to make the rounds. Still, I managed to take loads of pics. Today we have marsupials, what I’ve just been informed is a member of the mongoose family, a macaque and a couple of ostriches all doing their thing.

Kangooroo at Taronga Zoo

The marsupials, such as kangaroos and wallabies, are all kept together in a small gated park where they can roam relatively freely while visitors walk along a winding path. As evidenced by the this red kangaroo, it looked like it was nap time and there wasn’t much activity around, save for the ostrich which decided to take a walk by my side (didn’t manage to get a proper photo of that unfortunately).

Kangooroos at Taronga Zoo
Whenever I see these two wallabies, I imagine that the one standing is arguing with the little guy sitting down. Maybe they’re making plans for their next great escape? The lighting conditions were sometimes challenging to work with for the beginner that I was, so bear with me.

Lemur at Taranga Zoo
This is a mongoose

Lemur at Taranga Zoo
I thought it might be a lemur But turns out this particular type of mongoose is known as a suricate or meerkat (thank you Lee).

Macaque at Taronga Zoo
I spent lots of times looking at various monkeys. They do love to put on a show, even between themselves. It was like watching a play or a tv program. Since I didn’t have a zoom on my camera, this is one of the only shots I managed to get. Those macaques were a lively bunch.

Ostriches at Taronga Zoo
Ostriches — presumably looking down at the beautiful view of the harbour down below.

Next week: Big Cats Up Close.
To see part 1 click here

All pics by Smiler


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