Girl with Red Coat

Red Coat

Since we’re still in the thick of winter here, and seeing as spring (if it ever arrives) is looking like it’ll be mighty wet, muddy and grey, with all these huge snowbanks which will eventually melt away, I thought “wouldn’t be nice to see a girl wearing a cherry-red coat like this one walking around, spreading a little colour and good cheer”. I used to be the girl to do that sort of thing. Not that I have a red coat, but I do have a spectacular coat with red on it, and I have to feel really good about myself to wear it because it draws a lot of attention. I haven’t worn it once this year, which is fine, since the last thing I want these days is to be noticed in a crowd, but I miss that girl who had so much spunk and just wore outer layers that made her feel happy, and for instance, put on her best clothes to go to work on any given day just because “why not?”. Even if people did ask over and over again if I had a special event planned that day, and even if they might have though I was desperate for attention, that was their problem, not mine. It wasn’t always easy being that girl but it sure was more fun. Or at least that’s the way I’m remembering things now. I have to wonder if she’ll ever come back. Maybe if I find a really cool red coat she’ll come out to play? Would I wear it though? Probably not. Not yet anyway. I can’t handle being in her shoes. She gets into too much trouble.

I just finished the drawing a few minutes ago. I did a first one, identical to this but when it was finished I didn’t like the result so decided to try again. I did the pencil outlines on this one last night and the ink and color today. Watercolor is not easy to manipulate, and it scans very poorly so that what you see on the screen is always different from the original, but it’s a fun medium to work with.

Illustration by Smiler

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