Work in Progress

Crayola (stage1)

I almost forgot to put up a post today since I was pretty well consumed with my latest drawing project. This is stage 1 of an illustration I’m hoping to finish by tomorrow or Thursday at the latest. It’s for Illustration Friday and if you click on the link you can view what other participants have submitted so far. The theme this week is “homage”, so I decided I want to pay tribute to an artist. I started by looking at my art books for inspiration and considered going with Picasso — I figured I could do just a line drawing of one of his paintings I’m fond of — but that prospect was just too daunting. How does one pay tribute to Picasso or any of the greats for that matter? By not worrying so much about the results is my guess.

I’ve always like Pop Art, a lot of which doesn’t necessarily require much skill (therefore not so intimidating), so I figured I’ll go with Andy Warhol. I have a book of his drawings here which is just wonderful. He’s got these really simple line drawings — kind of rough and quirky — of various products and packaging, with just a simple wash of color over them that I find delightful.

This Crayola canister is a good subject since I’ve been wanting to draw it for a long time anyway and it’s such a recognizable brand. I’m moving along with the pencil sketch, but still have a lot of work to do on the left-hand side where there’s more typography, and more squiggly hard to draw bits. Of course I’m going to use color. I can’t have Crayola crayons in black & white. I’m not sure how it’s going to turn into a pop art piece and I’ve only got one shot at getting the color right because the drawing takes forever to do. So I’ve decided to go to bed tonight with the intention of letting go of expectations. It’ll be what it’ll be, that’s all. Who am I kidding — I’ll be losing sleep over it. My latest obsession…


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