My Day So Far in Thirteen Items [#20]


  1. Woke up at 9:52 feeling exhausted. Figured I’ll sleep a “tiny bit” more.
  2. When woke up again, tried not to feel guilty about having slept in well into the afternoon, again.
  3. Considered going outside on this beautiful day.
  4. Talked myself, yet again, out of going outside and sent my cat out instead.
  5. Did my best to push away guilty feelings by telling myself I’ll make better use of my time by cleaning house instead.
  6. Got freaked out at the notion of cleaning house. I mean, where do I start?
  7. Yet again, considered hiring cleaning lady to give me a hand with spring cleaning.
  8. Realized I’d have to clean house before having cleaning lady come over or she’d think I’m a real pig.
  9. Put off calling cleaning lady.
  10. Considered picking up the current book I’m reading and plunging into it headfirst so I could forget about all the stuff I’m ‘supposed’ to be doing.
  11. Entered into negotiation with myself and decided “maybe I’ll just vacuum before settling down to read”.
  12. Realized that vacuuming wouldn’t be a smart thing to do, since would surely aggravate my ongoing headache.
  13. Now considering taking a nap. Feeling as guilty as ever, headache nicely settled in.

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