The Job Jar

After writing a post a few days ago about the difficulties I’m having in making even basic decisions (see Choices), I received a few good suggestions from my beloved readers. Three suggestion caught my attention. The “Job Jar” idea, which came to me via email from my mother consists in writing a bunch of tasks — big/small, fun/not fun, cheap/splurge, etc) onto bits of paper which are in turn put into a jar and then randomly picked. So on those days when I’m unable to make up my mind about where to concentrate my time and energy, I can just pick something from the jar. I’ll also give myself the freedom to pick as many tasks as I want if the ones I’ve picked don’t suit me for any reason. David’s approach involves doing those tasks that can’t be put off without unpleasant consequences first (good common sense), and my father, suggests I hire a cleaning lady on a regular basis (as I’ve been thinking of doing) so I can free up my time for other things. I think all three put together make for a great combo.

My first task was to work on the job jar itself and come up with a list of “jobs” to pick from. This I’ve done and decided I’ll also include several copies for those “jobs” that should be repeated most often. “Yoga” and “take a walk” for instance, would get up to 4 stubs, whereas “clean the fridge” and “buy a piece of clothing” only one. I’m so excited about the Job Jar that I was inspired to do several dull tasks today without any prompting whatsoever, just to make sure I get some of the boring stuff out of the way, which will increase my odds of picking a fun task. This system might not make sense to anyone else, but I love the idea of getting prompts which essentially turn the whole process of choosing tasks into a little game. I’ve already picked out a very pretty “jar” which is not a jar at all but a pretty red tin box which comes with a lid and is just the right size. Now all I need to do is write down the various jobs onto bits of paper and I’m all set to go.

Photo by Patrick Q, Flickr


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