My Latest Project

Tin Box
Open Tin Box

For my Job Jar, I chose this pretty tin given to me by my mother which used to hold some fancy French butter biscuits. I like the fact that it’s bright red and cheery. I also like that the tin box features two paintings by Gauguin which gives it a artistic look and in turn makes this whole business of randomly picking tasks look like a most creative sort of game. I’ve just tonight finished putting together the whole thing which took a long time since I wanted to make sure all the bits of paper were cut to exactly the same size and folded precisely the same way. Let’s hope the box works some kind of magic and instills in me the motivation and energy needed to follow through on the tasks — both fun and dull — which are suggested on those little bits of paper. The painting seen above is called “La ronde des petites bretonnes” which I take to mean “The dance of the Breton girls” — more fun and games — I’ll be thinking of the Breton girls when I’m busy washing the floor or dusting some shelves, or even making my way to the museum.

Pics by Smiler


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