Something to be grateful for.

I rarely, if ever, take any kind of special pride in being Canadian. I happen to love the U.S. and often don’t really make that big a distinction between our two countries. But tonight I saw Michael Moore’s Sicko for the first time and it reminded me of one aspect of the United States that really bothers me, which is how twisted the emphasis on capitalism becomes when it’s left in the hands of immoral business interests such as insurance and pharmaceutical companies. And while this happens all over the world, I cannot imagine how much damage that imbecile of a criminal who also calls himself the President of the U.S.A. must have done in the past eight years with all those additional pocket linings he’s been accumulating over the years. It also made me want to say “boy, I sure am glad to be Canadian” because for one thing, he’ll never have been my president. But besides that, while living with a chronic health problem offers plenty of challenges, I don’t even want to try to imagine what it would be like to worry about paying for my medication and medical bills on top of everything else. So I just want to say that no matter it’s limitations and flaws, I’m just really glad I have access to universal health care.


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