The Payslip

I had a few errands to run today, and wouldn’t you know it, ended up at my favorite art store, where I picked up a new paper pad and a wonderful watercolour paintbrush. Nothing to write about really, except that when they packaged the tip of the paintbrush in a small envelope to protect the natural bristles, I noticed that they had used a recycled pay slip envelope from the bank of Toronto. When I looked closer, I saw “Moose Jaw Sask. [Saskatoon] 1942” typed onto the envelope (click on the image to view larger). The style of the envelope did look old, but I figured my eyes must be playing tricks on me, because… 1942??? I must have said something out loud because then this grouchy old guy, who I suppose was the owner of the store said it was no big deal “Oh yeah, we’ve got loads of those envelopes laying around, loads of old junk in our warehouse too”. Junk for some, a happy find for me. I have a thing for vintage things in general, and vintage office supplies really do it for me. I’m thinking I should make friendly with the old man… maybe I can get my hands on a genuine 50’s stapler if I’m lucky.

p.s. doc says she sees progress but I’m nowhere near going back to work (her words).


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