Domestic Luxuries

Not to say that I’ve turned into Martha Stuart all of the sudden, but I am getting some pleasure out of small domestic tasks these days. Normally, this is no fun at all because a) I don’t particularly like cleaning/tidying and b) I always end up taking on too much, with every task growing exponentially, which means I end up racing around to finish, only to end up in an exhausted heap and feeling completely inadequate. So. One thing at a time. I’ve decided if I’ve done one thing in my day, it’s a good day. Two things, even better. Three things, wow, I’m a champ (and so on).

One little luxury I indulge in is ordering my groceries over the phone. There’s a supermarket downtown which usually has a nice selection of produce and so once a week, I call them, tell them exactly what I need — and anyone who knows me understands the level of detail that must involve — I’ve actually taught one of the shoppers there how to pick produce for me (it took time, but it was well worth it). An hour or two later, there’s a delivery boy at my doorstep. Love it. Why I haven’t always done groceries this way is beyond me. Yesterday I decided to make good use of the waiting time and cleaned the fridge while it was almost empty. It was well worth it — having a full and neat fridge inevitably gives me the fleeting impression that all is well in the world.

A more serious treat comes in the form of the The Laundress products I ordered online this week. They’re luxury laundry supplies which are biodegradable, made with natural ingredients, and of course, not tested on animals. They also have addictive scents which is what keeps me wanting more. I discovered The Laundress when one of my all time favourite luxury stores—known as Caban—had their going out of business sale, with some products at up to 80% off. I had purchased the whole line then and used them with such parsimony that I managed to stretch them out over two years!!! I’m such a big fan that I wrote a glowing review last year too. Just recently I was quickly running out of the last drops of suds and decided buying more of those products, even at full retail price is a good investment for me. Just seeing all the bottles neatly laid out on the shelf above the washer makes me feel better when I’m not having the best day. So as it turns out, happiness doesn’t come in a pill, it actually comes in suds. Whatever works, I say.


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