Critter Love


Cybèle, Sacha-Cannelle, Ezra, Fritz, Perle, Isis, and Daisy — these are the names of just a few of the animals, both real and fictional — that I know and love. That particular menagerie is composed of cats and dogs and… an elephant, though I tend to take a shine to most every critter in the animal kingdom that I come across. This one up here is no exception. I’ve forgotten how he came to be mine, though I have faint recollections of a shop with beautiful artifacts having a closing sale. Yes, he’s just a small sculpture and I have no idea what kind of creature he’s meant to represent or if he’s the product of the artist’s imagination, but every time I look at him, he makes me smile. I am often tempted to sketch him, just for the pleasure of exploring his sinewy lines over and over again. The advantage this little guy has over many of the animals I know is that he can keep perfectly still for long stretches of time, unlike Fritz for example, who refuses to keep a pose more than 3 seconds at a time. This might explain why you are more likely to see drawings of this inanimate critter again before catching a glimpse of a drawing of Fritz; the little devil even manages to wriggle around when he sleeps.


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