DIY Made Easy

My landlady helped me put up a medicine cabinet in my bathroom today. This is a big event because for the past eight years I’ve been getting by with a framed mirror which looked nice enough but wasn’t at all practical. And then about eight months ago there was this big crash in the middle of the night which ended up being caused by the mirror, which had apparently had enough of hanging there. It miraculously didn’t get shattered so had since been leaning up against the wall behind my sink. When I moved in here (eight years ago), they did have a cabinet up but the thing was ancient and kind of revolting. The plastic was yellowed and the frame on the mirror had a plastic fake wood texture which was kind of retro, but still just too horrendous. I kept looking for cabinets over the years and just never found one that I liked which would fit in my tiny bathroom. A few weeks ago I had a bit of a brainwave and decided to make a little salvage project out of that dingy old cabinet and with my can of mat silver spray paint it went from drab to fab in no time! I usually avoid asking for help unless it’s absolutely necessary, but I’m glad I did, otherwise it would probably have taken another six months to get it installed. So basically if you leave out all the months and years it took before getting to this point, it all got done in a real jiffy! Now I can’t stop looking around to see what else I could spruce up with all that silver paint I’ve got left over. I’ll find something eventually, I’m sure.


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