Are You Laughing Yet?

I’m reading Naked by David Sedaris. I’m halfway through. It’s an easy read, and Sedaris gives me an occasional break from the other book I’m reading — ‘Women Who Run With the Wolves’ which I find to be a dense read. But I have to say I’m disappointed so far. Apparently ‘Naked’ is supposed to be a very funny book. All the critiques I’ve read say how hilarious it is, and how they couldn’t stop laughing. I know it takes a special talent to turn difficult past experiences into funny stories, but sometimes there’s just too much pathos that filters through. Am I the only one to see that? So far, I think I may have quietly chuckled once or twice, but I’m still waiting for that big burst of laughter to happen. Waiting for a laugh must be like waiting for an orgasm — If you wait too long, then it just never happens. Especially if you start noticing all you lover’s annoying little ticks in the process. Still I’ll keep reading the book because once I’ve hit the halfway mark, may just as well keep going. And maybe the next essay will cause a burst of hilarity. Or maybe the one after that, or the one after that, and so on. Maybe I’ll get one giant laugh session right at the end. At least I’ve kept my ability to hope, which is nice to know, but if I don’t get a single laugh out of that book, I want my money back. I was told I’d be in stitches and Dammit, I want to laugh!

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