Cat Peeved

I am NOT a happy camper today. I can’t stand the state of my apartment and was going to start vacuuming and washing the floors yesterday, only my plans have been thwarted by the fact that I can’t stand on my legs for more than five minutes at at time. It’s that time of the month and this one’s a painful motherfucker. So I’m sitting on my computer this morning and, while it’s true the litter-box is close by, I thought I’d been noticing the cat pee smell getting stronger? And yet, Fritz wasn’t using his cat-box lately so I figured maybe he was going outside since he practically lives out there? And then I went and inspected the floor more attentively? And found fresh piss tracks. And then I checked the other doorways for fun? And found MORE piss tracks. I’m so mad a Fritz at this point that I’ve stuck him outside as much as possible today to give time to the murderous rage to simmer down. I started letting him out when he started peeing indoors like this, several years ago. Now I let him out as much as he wants. Until midnight, because I don’t want him prowling out there and waking me up at dawn. I know cats rule the household but there’s a freakin’ limit. Apparently he finds that me not giving in the his every single demand to get outside gives him reason enough to turn this place into a giant cat toilet for fuck’s sake. I’ve got this product that you’re supposed to apply after cleaning the affected areas to dissuade the animals from returning there, and the stuff doesn’t smell bad, but for some reason every time I get a whiff of it I get even more angry. Nothing like the scent of room sanitizer mixed with cat pee to cheer up a hormonal woman, right? Ok. I’m done. I can’t sit up anymore.

Oh just this: I won’t necessarily be blogging every day from now on. Hopefully quality will replace quantity.


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