I Heart Graffiti (most of the time).






Some are done freehand and others are done with stencils (I tend to like those quite a bit) and that’s more or less everything I know when it comes to graffiti. As with everything else, there are graffiti “stars” out there, but the only one I know of is Miss Van over here, and I’ve just discovered her today. It’s been around since the stone age, it’ll be here for a long time to come. Sometimes it’s an eyesore, sometimes it’s welcome eye candy, and depending on my mood, I think graffiti either symbolizes man (or woman’s) inherent need to leave a mark, or it can be a constant visual reminder of how little respect some people have for property that is not their own. But mostly I’m just happy that kids can go to a hardware store and for a few bucks get their cans of paint and along with a little bit of wall space, express whatever they want. In some parts of the world, that could literally cost you an arm and a leg. Keep on tagging in the free world.

Top to bottom:
1. Photo by Alex Whittaker
2. Photo by What What
3. Graffiti by Zes, photo by anarchosyn
4. Photo by Toots Fontaine
5. Graffiti by Miss Van, photo by Toots Fontaine
All found on Flickr

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