My Birthday (a recap)

birthday candles

  • My dad called at exactly 10:25—the time of my birth—and wished me well. I can’t remember most of the conversation since I was half asleep, but I know it was all good stuff. I could have stayed awake after that, but since sleeping in is one of my favorite things, I just went back to bed.
  • When I woke up again late into the afternoon, I had that special “birthday” feeling. I was prepared to feel blue so I actually felt pretty good compared to what I had anticipated.
  • I made my usual fresh orange/grapefruit juice and sat on the balcony to read, which for some reason felt especially decadent today. Reading “Never Let Me Go” and looking forward to finishing it so I can move on to a book I can enjoy more, not that it’s a bad book. It’s all a matter of personal taste.
  • Checked my email and saw I’d gotten several birthday wishes from family, friends and colleagues. Actually took the time to respond to a few of them and even considered getting together with people in the near future. Maybe. Soon-ish.
  • Wanted to go get a pedicure as my big treat today, but the afternoon flew by so I booked myself a looong massage on Monday instead and decided to get a pedicure over the weekend instead.
  • Wanted to go pick up a brochette at the market. Decided to stop by the bakery and get a small cake as well. Figured if I got the cake and candles I’d feel like I properly celebrated my birthday. Wanted to invite Jackie and Beth over which would also be a thank-you for their help last weekend.
  • Considered going to the cinema but the film selection was crap.
  • On my way to market, I met with Jackie, Beth and Jackie’s friend Eugene who were on their bicycles, on their way to a barbecue thing and seemed quite delighted with my invitation which I of course extended to Eugene.
  • Continued on to market. Got the cake. Got the candles. Got a brochette to put on the BBQ. Wanted to buy flowers—a giant bunch of peonies specifically, but all the flower merchants had closed down already.
  • On the way home, decided to try out a florist I’d never been to before. It’s a very lame kind of place with dusty fake plants and flowers as a window display. They had roses (which I don’t buy for myself), they had blue and green and electric pink dahlias. They had daisies in every conceivable colour combination with sparklies sprinkled on top (I couldn’t help but wonder how they got the sparklies on there—sparkly shower?). Got two lilies. White ones. Plain. They smelled great.
  • Got home, put the cake in the fridge and the brochette on the grill. Threw away all the uninspired green stuff they gave me at the florist and stuck the lilies in one of my many vases. Made a tomato & bocconcini salad and a side of arrugula and enjoyed my dinner on the balcony.
  • About ten minutes after I’d finished clearing the dishes, my guests showed up right on cue with Jackie holding a bottle of wine while Beth handed me a little flower arrangement.
  • As it happens, Eugene had lived in what is now my apartment many years ago, so he got quite a kick from seeing how much the place had changed and what I’d done to it.
  • Beth colored outside while we chit-chatted indoors.
  • We had cake (chocolate mousse with raspberry jam) with vanilla ice cream. Jackie and Beth put the candles on it and lit them so I could make a wish first.
  • Then Beth got really restless and tried to do a cartwheel in the dining room. She does great cartwheels but I asked her not to do them in here. This place is definitely not kid-friendly. Afterwards the adults continued chatting and Beth fell asleep on Eugene.
  • Jackie kept looking around and saying how beautiful my place is and how peaceful it seems. Jackie’s place is shared by 5-6 people, only two of which are adult and they all live in a space that’s slightly smaller than my place. Made me grateful for my space, and again, made me grateful I don’t have kids (which is a good thing or I’d be in an absolute panic at my age).
  • When they left, I poured myself what remained of the wine and sat outside with the porch light on. Almost finished my book, but not quite.
  • Managed to get through the whole day without once feelling suicidal. In fact, I’m quite glad with how the day went, considering. I’m for sure making progress.
  • Glad it’s over. Now I’ve got a whole year to prepare the next one. The big 4-0. Yikes.

birthday bouquet

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