This Just In

In other news: • Evil Squirrel hasn’t returned but will he strike again?? Victims keeping fingers crossed. • Sleeping and shopping were on the rise these past two weeks • Discovery of real fruit sugar-free sorbets leads to major pig-out • Smiler seen bidding on eBay. A Vornado Silver Swan fan in brushed stainless steel with a design harking back to the 20’s seems to have retained the young woman’s attention. These powerful air circulators are not distributed in Canada and are worth every penny • Also on eBay: tea kettles. Results showed an amazing range of shapes and forms; cats & mice, chickens, Aunt Jemima, not to mention the 30’s, 50’s and ol’yeller styles were just a few that were found, though none were deemed desirable by our discerning shopper • Consumption of an afternoon snack turns to agony: high sugar level found to cause temporary pain in jaw area. It is not clear at present if other individuals have been thus affected. • Discovery of chaise longue leads Fritz to put his relationship in peril. He is purported to refuse to leave the comfortable chair save to go on his frequent excursions to the great outdoors. His owner, who maintains the feline had been sharing her bed for the past five years claims he no longer keeps her company at night choosing to cuddle with his favorite chair instead. We couldn’t help asking: Could couple’s counseling be next? • A blogger known as Smiler beats time record for post assembly. She assures her readers: “it’s almost done, it’s in two parts, and they’re on their way… as soon as I’m done with another edit.” A critic known as Mister Ynner tells us that the content doesn’t justify all the efforts she’s put into it, and that it’ll likely be a big flop. But what will her readers say?

Stay tuned!

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