Stuff Goes In, Stuff Goes Out

Sure I get excited when I find something really special when I’m out shopping, but I seem to get just as thrilled when I get rid of stuff too. To wit, my garage sale, which helped me clear my closets and after which I felt a kind of bliss. Then this thing:

A flat file storage unit, aka The Monster. It sat in my living room for over eight years. It weighs a tonne and a half. Granted, I kept it covered under interesting fabrics so it didn’t look so messy and so grey and all. I mostly kept it because I could just shove stuff I couldn’t find another place for into it, but a couple of years ago I just got tired of my living-room being crammed because of it. I finally put an ad online a couple of weeks ago and a buyer came to pick it up today. And now I feel like it’s changed my life a little bit. You think I’m joking but I’m serious— it’s probably one of those Feng Shui things—not that I know much about it, but the energy does seem to flow better in this part of the apartment now. Plus, I finally have just enough room to do my yoga without having to rearrange the furniture every time. Now that’s something to be grateful about! :-)


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