May Yield Results

Five days since I last published a blog post. I don’t remember ever having gone that long before between posts. But it’s all in the spirit of “Blogging Without Obligation”. The person who started BWO sometimes goes for months without blogging, and part of the whole BWO MO is not having to apologize for how frequently—or infrequently one puts up posts. So no apologies here. I do recommend you go have a look at the Tartx blog because she (I’m assuming it’s a she) is a great artist, and having just now visited her page again reminds me how much I love that whole “collage” look. Nowadays most “collage artists” (including Tartx—see illustration above) use Photoshop rather than glue to achieve that look—layered but sleek and everything in the right proportions. In terms of convenience and practicality there are great advantages to computer artwork; in the hands of someone who knows what they’re doing, it means more vibrant and professional-looking images which is what is expected from illustrators. But no matter how well a piece is executed, I will always be favorably biased to art created from the mind, heart body and soul—for which there exists only one original, or a small numbered series at most— pieces where one senses a human presence, perhaps because of a tactile aspect or there might be small or big quirks and “mistakes” that have escaped being “fixed” with the click of a mouse. Though I suppose comparing commercial art and fine art isn’t fair even if there tends to be so much crossover that it’s sometimes hard to tell the difference between the two.

In truth I guess there’s some jealousy there, be it for fine artists or illustrators. Whenever I look at drawings done by truly talented illustrators, I can’t help telling myself that if I too Photoshopped more of my work I could have awesome results. But there’s just one thing… WHAT WORK?? It might be a good idea to concentrate on getting some drawings and sketches together first before thinking of manipulating them. I think there’s a big life analogy in there somewhere, though I haven’t got a clue what it is (if you do, please feel free to share). Or maybe it’s just: “Drawing and participating in Illustration Friday may yield results”. Duh

Illustration: Tartx


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