A Dog Called Yo

A dog called Yo
This morning I looked outside and seeing what a gorgeous day it was thought “I MUST get outside”. But I kept finding excuses for why I couldn’t get out (MUST wash floors TODAY, MUST list all my books for sale on Amazon TODAY, etc). But I got fed up with my own excuses and dared myself to get out there and enjoy it. I packed my camera and a book in case I got bored and made my way to Lachine Canal, which is some 200 meters from my place and the nearest equivalent to the Dadou in Graulhet (France) where my mum takes her daily walks with her faithful canine friend Cybèle. I started snapping away as soon as I got there and saw this cute little mutt wearing a dog cone who was hanging out with an adorable pug and so asked the woman holding the leashes if I could take photos which of course was fine. As I was taking my shots, K and I started chatting and next thing you know we were walking along the canal together yapping away while I was taking my photos of mostly the rusty industrial bits. We parted after close to two hours, but only once we’d agreed to get together again to walk the dogs which (as I told her) would be a great incentive to get out of the apartment more often. The dogs are called… Yo! and Piggie and both very sweet. K wants to come up with another name for Yo! since he was given that stupid name by his former owners who were squeegee kids (who else would have called their dog Yo! yo?) He’ll be looking for a new home once he’s all better. And yes it’s crossed my mind but apart from my landlords who would be pissed, I’m sure Fritz would put me (and the dog) on his permanent black list. This is how I justify to myself that getting a kitten would surely be the best option. If I’m lucky I’ll end up with a cat who enjoys being put on a leash and taken on walks along the canal…

Take your pick
Fluo 4 ever
Kid whizing by
2 Cute Dogs
Rusty Bridge
Five Roses
On the Rail Track
Evening on the canal


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