A Small Incident


DISCLAIMER: This is not me. This is a random photo. I Googled “taking a shower” and she was on the first page. It has nothing to do with what I’m talking about in this post. I just figured my blog could use a bit of sexing up, because apparently people like being enticed with the illusion of sex and it might bring more readers here. Probably not the kind I want though. I have no idea if this girl is genuine or not. All I know about her is her name is Lala and she apparently really enjoys taking showers with her shirt on… Somehow, I doubt she ever falls in the shower. She might if she keeps a leg up in the air like that though.

All kinds of good things have been happening this week—good things of the “small steps” order of course—and I’d love to write about it now, but it’s late already, and I’m beyond exhausted. So I’ve just gone ahead an copied the letter I’ve sent off a moment ago to my landlady—who is a very kind and gentle soul and shares her time with her family between their duplex bellow me and a country home they go to fairly often—I’ve published it here unedited (a relative notion) so you can read about my latest little mishap. No worries, I’m okay, there are no broken bones but I’m mostly shaken and seriously afraid of taking stairs (up and especially down) of walking on carpeting with funky patterns (because not only do the shapes start moving around, but they also go up and down in 3-D which is seriously disconcerting and not at all helpful when trying to regain one’s sense of equilibrium) and of taking showers, obviously. Does that sort of thing just happen to me?

Hi J,

hope you’re having good weather [at their country home]. It’s kind of cool here today, strange summer we’ve been having. I’ve actually had a very unpleasant mishap which has left me mildly bruised and shaken, but thankfully not seriously injured. I fell in the shower yesterday and having nothing to hold on to eventually landed with my back on the sink cabinet. I’ve never in my life taken a fall in the shower and it seems almost funny, for someone young like me, except for the fact that it’s a very scary experience and had I fallen differently, I could have sustained serious injuries. I started using a bath mat this year to prevent just that sort of thing from happening, but somehow it didn’t help yesterday—what I needed was something solid to grab hold of—but the towel racks that are presently there would have almost assuredly snapped had I tried to. So. Firstly, I wanted to ask you for the coordinates of your chiropractor and whether he can take on patients quickly or not since, if ever there was a time for me to try it out, this would be it.

Next, I need to take more serious precautionary measures sooner than later because I have a serious concern that this sort of thing may happen again as long as I’m on the meds I’m taking (which is supposedly forever) as they have adverse effect on my otherwise excellent sense of coordination. I’ve already talked to Joe [the handyman], just to have an idea of what the labour would cost to change both towel racks in favour of something more solid (probably stainless steel) as well as add a safety bar on the other shower wall (and change the soap and toilet paper holders too while we’re at it so everything matches). He says it should take him two hours to take out the [truly horrendous] ones that are there and install the new ones which are not yet purchased as I wanted to consult you first. I’m fairly sure this is something that I’m responsible for [cost-wise], but need to ask firstly if you would both be okay with me making the changes proposed, and also whether this is something you and [her husband] would be willing to contribute to, if only because I’ll obviously be leaving that hardware in place when (or if) I eventually leave. Either way, I’ll adjust my budget accordingly.

It seems like I’ve become the youngest little old lady on the block. I’ve seen special showers for elderly people advertised on t.v… hopefully I’m not there yet. :-I

Sincere salutations,


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