The Shower Incident: An Update

I had done blood tests earlier this week which made things a lot simpler today for my shrink and I to figure out what’s going on with the falling and the vertigo. And sure enough my blood work showed the dosage of one my meds was too high. Possible side effects: vertigo and lack of coordination. Good grief. I’m glad we worked this out so quickly (lower the dose, duh) but I’ll just never be okay with pharmaceuticals—no matter how helpful they can be, some of the side effects have the potential to kill you more swiftly than the original ailment does. It’s nuts. As soon as you start tweaking things one way, you have to tweak them somewhere else and the only way to figure it out is by trial and error. Not only is this stuff tested on animals (perish the thought), but I get to be a guinea pig too! I guess that’s what they call equal opportunity.

Here’s how things played out for me today: wake up early in the morning, rush off to my aforementioned appointment, then do a few errands downtown. Around lunch time exhaustion and hunger set in, along with my friend Mr. Vertigo. I decided to take the metro home so I could eat and sleep but had trouble walking down the staircase leading to the metro station (trouble as in this lady who walked past me gave me a dirty look probably thinking I was drunk.) So I decided I’d ask for help from the next person who came by—not something I’m comfortable doing normally. Down comes a strapping young man, a sight for sore eyes he was too. “There’s always a silver lining” I think to myself before calling out to him and asking him to accompany me down the stairs. Right away he offers his arm for me to hold on to. I was too shy to actually touch him so asked him to just walk by my side, which he did most conscientiously. Had I been in better shape, I might have actually taken his arm and found more excuses to keep him around—poor boy looked so concerned I doubt he’d have refused me. Maybe a trick I can use again when I feel better again and see someone interesting looking? In any case I should be in good enough shape a week from now to take showers without having to do unconscious somersaults to avoid falling on my face (no joke—I still can’t figure out how I managed to do a 180º turn midair?) I guess I could ask a strapping young stranger to stand by the shower stall to keep me safe until the safety bars are installed… which is a nice thought but Smiler is just not that kind of girl. Any more. ;-)


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