Kittens and Software: Discuss

My landlady aka J just sent me an email this evening asking if I’m on board for a project she talked about on Friday. She’s a yoga instructor / life coach and has a web site that has a strong emphasis on meditation (check it out at which is right up my alley so of course I’m happy to contribute. The project involves doing a layout based on a poem she wrote. The only thing holding me back is I don’t currently have the necessary software (Adobe CS3 Creative Suite) on my home computer, and it costs a small fortune to purchase, as is anything Mac-related. An Art Director I know offered me his old CS2 version which would be great, except that I haven’t given him any news since last year, and I can’t just say hey, you still got that software for me? without being the least bit sociable, especially since there’s also his wife—a photographer I hired frequently—who’ll surely have all kinds of questions for me. As it happens, being sociable is still really difficult for me, especially since I’m not prepared to answer any questions yet and it’s normal for people to be curious about what’s going on in my life. I suppose I could manage to do the project on the Photoshop 7.0 that I have, but apart from being a dinosaur, it’s just not the right software for this project.

J’s email reminded me that with the right kind of motivation, I can move mountains—or force myself to be sociable and get software I need maybe? So I thought I could work out a trade with her: I do the project in exchange for… permission to have a new kitten! He he. It’s brilliant, I know. I’m a regular Machiavelli. Of course she might say no and I’ll still feel morally obliged to do the project but… meh… it’s worth a shot, no?

Photo: Buster, Female, 2 months old, SPCA foster home program (check to see if still available for adoption)


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