Found Object (actual size)

I didn’t need to go searching very far for this one. There it was right in front of my stairwell as I was coming back home from my therapy+shopping afternoon (always a great combo) today. I was wearing open sandals since it was a pleasantly warm day and I remember what a strange sensation on my bare skin it was to walk though a bunch of leaves—something I’d never experienced before. My sense of time has always been very skewed and of course being on my own strange schedule for all this time has exacerbated that. I hadn’t seen the summer go by—not having participated in it all that much this year—and I was just warming up to the idea of taking advantage of the season when fall was announced. It seemed like an abstract concept for a while but now all those fallen leaves serve as visual and tangible reminders and while it sure is a pretty sight, I just wish it didn’t mean the trees will be completely bare in a short while. I think the absence of greenery is one of the hardest aspects of winter here. That and the fact that it gets inhumanely cold of course, but everybody says that, so I thought I’d point out something people rarely think about mentioning.

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