Ignorant Bliss

Even though I’ve said I won’t be blogging on a daily basis anymore, and even though I’ve got that cool B.W.O. (Blogging Without Obligation) badge right there on the right-hand side of my page, proclaiming my desire and my right to blog whenever the heck I choose to, it just doesn’t feel right to be blogging sporadically like this. The reason I was blogging everyday was so that I’d feel like I’ve accomplished at least one thing in these strange and unstable times. But then at some point, it became too much trouble to come up with blogging topics when there isn’t much happening in my life, save for reading (and there’s plenty of that going on; you can check my progress in the “Read in 2008” section on the bottom right) and of course my cats, which I could blog about several hours a day since they’re so damn cute and entertaining and incredibly cat-like—and did I mention that Fritz and Mimi touched noses a couple of days ago for the first time which is a huge sign of meaningful progress in their relationship?— but I’ll be damned if I’m going to turn this blog into an all-cat platform and I’m frankly too lazy to start up yet another blog which I could call “Tea with Fritz, Mimi & Me” or something cute and tacky like that but won’t because I’m listed as a writer on no less than seven blogs already which I don’t ever actually write for because it just seems like too much damn work. Then of course I could be doing more of this stream of consciousness stuff and sharing the inner workings of my mind as I continue on this path toward (what we’re hoping will be a) full recovery and a return to a normal social and work life but the fact is that for some time now, I seem to have entered a decidedly un-self aware phase which for me is quite a departure from the Smiler I’ve always known and requires that I spend as little time as possible thinking or worrying about things to do with physical, spiritual, philosophical, existential, psychological, or practical matters—which I’m finding out is actually surprisingly easy to do—and while I can see why most folks are quite happy in that state of ignorant bliss, certainly limits the possibilities as far as doing that whole “spillin’ my guts on my blog” thing. Because what’s left to spill? So what was I saying? What was it I was going to blog about? I didn’t mean to write all this crap, really. Pffft. Doesn’t matter. Let’s just stick it to the man.


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