Why should you vote for me?

Because I promise not to raise your taxes but I also think the rich should get taxed more so the rest of us can afford all kinds of perks too, like top of the line universal health care and large screen tv’s, for example. I think big business should be made accountable for things like not killing our planet or selling us crap that breaks down after a couple of uses. Furthermore, tax breaks should only go to medium and small businesses who need them to survive, unlike the big guys who are constantly trying to figure out ways to pay less and screw the rest of us more so they can get even richer. You should vote for me because not only do I support freedom of speech, but I also support freedom of silence because let’s face it, there’s already too much noise out there. You should vote for me because I love almost all of God’s creatures, though I think I love animals more than humans which I love more than bugs and I do tend to favour cats because that’s the only kind of pet my landlords will allow me to keep for now. You should vote for me because like many of you, I’m a loving and responsible parent to my kids and I want the world to be a better place for Mimi and Fritz and your kids and all their buddies and the generations to come too. Your support encourages me to keep blogging from a place of loving and sharing, and the more love and support I feel, the more likely I am to reveal every single one of my pathetic neuroses which apparently makes for good entertainment. Most importantly, if you vote for me it’ll make my day, and I’ll think of you even more fondly than I did before. Your vote counts. It really really does. And yes, that means you too. If you’ve already voted for me, try to vote for me again in case the first vote wasn’t tallied (as has been the case several times), and know that I think of you even more fondly than I did before. If you encourage one of your buddies to vote for me too I just might consider including you in my will. Don’t delay! The polls are closing soon. Vote NOW! Vote Smiler.

From Smiler, with Love.

My site was nominated for Best Blog About Stuff!
(Click on this icon to vote now! Please make sure you’re signed in and have clicked on the ‘vote’ button or it will not be tallied. If you’ve tried to vote and had difficulty the first time, please try again! If you think you’ve voted, please click on the icon to check if your log-in name is featured at the bottom of the page—if it’s not, either you forgot to vote or your original vote was not tallied in which case please DO vote again and make sure your vote shows up this time! )


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