A Perfect Day for a Hike


Friday morning, my friend K came to pick me up with her daughter E to go hiking on Mont Saint-Hilaire, which is a small but pretty mountain with several hiking trails very close to Montreal. We agreed to each bring food for a pot-luck lunch. Since we planned for it to be a leisurely walk and not a race to the top (which I couldn’t have handled anyway since I’m so out of shape), I decided to bring my camera and had plenty of opportunities to capture some of the sights. The last time I had seen E was when she was five years old, so of course it was strange seeing her all grown into a twelve year-old—still a child but wise beyond her years. She reminded me of a renaissance madonna and thankfully K gave me permission to post some pictures of her here. She was completely at ease in the woods—a little bit too much so because had K not intervened, she would have read her book all the way up and all the way down again. A lovely day with lovely company making conversation out in the fragrant woods and getting some exercise. What more could I ask for?

All pics by Smiler

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