Bloomin’ Gorgeous!

The biannual event of the Carpet of Flowers event takes place on the cobbled stones of Brussels’ Grand Place where some 800,000 begonias transform it into a vibrant sea of flowers for three days in August. This year the event took place from August 14-17, 2008.“The famous Carpet of Flowers covers 3200 square feet right in the center of the Grand’Place. This year, it’s a traditional carpet: end of the Middle Ages. Begonias offer a wide range of vivid and glowing colors and easily resist the burning sun. After all, the craftsmen assemble them directly on the cobble-stones of the square without a layer of soil. The colored plant tapestry can be admired best from the balcony of the City Hall, which is open to the public for the occasion.”
—Belgian Tourist Office

Thanks to my uncle P for sending me these wonderful images (click on them to view larger).


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