Just For the Record…


1. It’s October 29th (i.e. not Halloween yet) and it’s snowing tonight. I know this is not cool to admit to, but I don’t like Halloween. Not even a little bit. Ok, I might like some of the vintage visuals but otherwise I can eat sweets whenever I feel like it, I don’t want a bunch of snotty kids bullying me for candy, and why would I want to spend the day pretending I’m someone else when I never know from moment to moment how it’s going to feel living in my own skin? Just saying.

2. My therapist thought the story about my meltdown at the cardio place was funny, but her suggestion was: get some cheap t-shirts, put up with the sweaty discomfort for a while, and just do it till you get back to your fancy gym! She ought to be a blogger.

3. My oatmeal cookies really do rock. So does my apple crumble. I should know because I get to do all the taste testing. But I’m going to have to choose. It’s either desserts, or I keep buying larger jean sizes, or I work out like a maniac twice a day. I know there’s a compromise in there somewhere.

4. Due to popular demand (i.e. one person), I will publish my Mind Blowing Oatmeal Cookie recipe just as soon as I’ve conducted a couple more experiments. After all, creating a recipe is all about getting the perfect formula down.. which is the best excuse I’ve ever come up with to stuff my face!

5. Not matter how many books you read, there will always be tonnes of other books you’ll want to read but won’t possibly be able to finish in this lifetime. So choose your reading matter accordingly. For some that’s a life philosophy.

6. There are not enough smart/whimsical/funny/bittersweet/magical books being written for adults—if there are they’re not getting published fast enough (according to me).

7. Note to self: no matter how much stuff you buy, there will always be tonnes of even better stuff on offer, and if you keep just buying more stuff, a time will come when you can’t afford to have a place to put it all in. Which means of course… Start Selling on eBay!

8. Following up therapy with a shopping spree really helps to momentarily forget about that that extra inner work you’re supposed to be doing before the next session.

9. Cats sure are helpful with housework. Whenever I neglect to empty out the litter box I can expect a nice little puddle right next the box— a nice reminder that I’ve slipped up on my chores. Fritz also likes to help me sort out which pile of laundry needs washing and which to fold by always lying on the clean clothes.

10. My Mimi is not really taking to being walked or dragged on a leash. I’d like to know of anyone who gets results by saying “come here” to a cat. So basically if you see a gal standing there on the sidewalk just staring at a black and white cat on a yellow leash… yeah, that’s me.


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