Dreams Do Come True

The television’s been on with ABC’s commentary in the background all day. And just about a thirty minutes ago they announced that Senator Barack Obama had won the election. I didn’t dare believe it—surely that’s a premature declaration! Aren’t they supposed to recount the ballots first? We all know what happened last time around. But now, after having watched the live concession speech of John McCain—which was most gracious and very well written I might add— it’s just sinking in: Barack Obama is the President-elect, [live as I write this: “Florida goes to Barack Obama!!!”] the 44th President of the United States. Congratulations Barack. Congratulations America. Congratulations to all the citizens of the world—and I pray that Obama will be kept safe and benefit from all the support he needs in order to have the opportunity to effect the positive change he’s been promising us. I hardly dared to believe this dream could come true, and now that it has, I might start believing in them again too.


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